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Better show current analysis in template

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Originally posted on UserVoice
We have a template called AnalogPVAsset with an analysis called BadValues (see attachment level 1).

Derived from that template we have a template AnalogPVSTSEuLoHiAsset where we have overridden the BadValues analysis (see attachment level 2). The overridden method is greyed out so that one can recognize which analyses is the currently active one.

Derived from template AnalogPVSTSEuLoHiAsset we have another template called AnalogPVSTSEuLoHiDysfMaintAsset where we do not change the BadValues analysis. (see attachment level 3).
Unfortunately both versions (from level 1 and 2) are greyed out and you can not easily distinguish which one is the active analysis version.

Maybe the active analysis should always be shown in italic or something similar.