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    error when restart crawler



      can someone explain this error and I don't expect it since PI server has read permission for PIWorld so everybody including crawler service account should be able to read it,

      this error appears when run PI WEB API installation configuration for PIVision and during that it restarts crawler service:






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          Hi Saken.


          This question is currently being handled in Technical Support case, which is owned by me. I will have an email out to you shortly with a response.


          If the Crawler is in fact getting PI World permission on the Data Archive, then, by default, this does not grant the Crawler enough permissions to do its job. The Identity that the Crawler uses needs read access to the PIPIONT, PIMAPPING, DBSEC, and PIUSER database tables. Often times, the PI World Identity does not have read permissions on the PIMAPPING table by default. I will ask you a few more questions in my email.

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