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    AF TreeView in Excel


      Im trying to add a AFTreeView Object to an Excel Spreadsheet I put the AF Root equal to same root I use in webparts but the treeview stays blank. Is there more code or other objects needed in order to populate a AFTreeview in Excel?


      Thanks in advance

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          could you let me know some details? I can not see the AFTreeView as a control to drop into Excel. My versions are Excel 2007 and AF 2.1.


          Based on that I can only provide you with more general hints. The AFTreeView from the AFSDK is different than the AFTreeView to web parts. Basically what you pass as root is an object from the AF SDK as well, for example a PISystem. In other words, try to put a PISystemPicker on the spreadsheed and use this to connect to an AF Server and use this as the AFRoot for your AFTreeview.


          Hope this helps,

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                        Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. Here is what I have discovered since posting my original question and reading your response.


              The Active-X Aftreeview control I was trying to get to work is loaded with AF Client 1.3 version. (Not attractive due to it becoming obsolete)


              I did finally figure out (as you have shared) that I needed a PISystem picker and Database picker for the treeview to know where to get its info from. We did manage to connect it all up through code and see the items in the treeview. Major Accomplishment for me since I am not a developer, officially I am Application Administrator for the Water District, I did program in College but thats a far cry from most people on this site Im sure. So thanks for the help and patience when I ask questions.


              I also found what appear to be .net AFTreeview and other controls that I was sucessful at creating a VB 2008 Windows Form App with. I have begun to read up on VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) and that appears to help extend Excel into the vast world of .net. Im just trying to "tinker" with all the possibilities of the PI world. We fine the Datalink/Excel to be a great tool for us.


              Last item I found was the AF SDK Reference in the Campus Library which was helpful, it seems to be early version and will change, could use some more examples for starting points at least.


              Thanks Again



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                  Glad you got everything working!



                  I have begun to read up on VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) and that appears to help extend Excel into the vast world of .net
                  Absolutely! .NET and VSTO is the way to go - just like I would recommend developing .NET add-ins to PI ProcessBook rather than file-specific VBA code.

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                      Steve Pilon

                      Glad you got everything working!


                      Thanks Steve, although "everything working" is a broad stroke of the pen, I will spend the rest of my career trying to get everything working not to once it works its time to enhance it !!!


                      In continuation of the subject of VSTO and .net, I believe I caught a brief online statement (have no reference to page) that stated something about VSTO/.net is designed to work on sharepoint and/or sharepoint is how/why VSTO/.net came about.


                      Where Im going with this is initial thought was to use WSS3.0 as a Report Distribution, we wanted to use OSI Webparts to help facilitate report creation or maybe better statement is to display report data via webparts. We found our report structures to complicated to be rendered OFF the Shelf with OSI webparts, so we have turned to Excel/Datalink in Document Libraries, this looks like it will work for phase 1 of our project. For phase 2 we would like to enhance/improve the delivery. Should we be looking at VSTO for phase 1, we are on a short time scale and need to convert about 600 reports, we also had considered creating our own webparts but felt time crunch would get us.


                      Anyone have any experience, suggestions in this area?


                      Thanks in Advance