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    AF Table Look up syntax


      We are working in several apps that requires data from a relational database, nevertheless we have not found a propr paper that states the syntax to write sql sentences using this AF feature.


      Right now we are struggling to wrinte a sql sentence (lookup) that enables tu summarize data using a time rule, in the AF version that we have (2015 R2) we do not now how to do that, and official documentation is not helpful.


      Any help?.


      Thank You.

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          Hi Carlos,


          Please allow us to help you.

          Could you give us more details on what you are trying to do? A sample query and table would be great if it can be provided.


          Also you mentioned the official document. Can you tell us which doc / page that was not helpful? I could see if it can be improved in the future.




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              Hello Yi, thank you for your answer, the query that we are trying to build is as follows:


              Select sum(amount) from table, where attr1=[@att1] and attr2=[@att2] and date=[@dateatt]


              where attr1, attr2 and dateatt are elements of the model which are changing.


              We have lloked for the proper sql table look up syntax in the af server user manual but have not found anything, also we've searched in the pisquare, tech support and internet but still have no answer.


              Hope you can help us, thank you.

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              Thank you everybody, I've solved my problema after digging A LOT, I believe that a separate document explaining all the features of the table look up needs to be done.


              The only thing I did was declare my date attribute as a "Configuration Ítem" in the properties section. Then I use the "regular" sentence explained above, and worked!.