Online Training: Developing Applications with AF SDK Online Course October 2017 - General Questions and Answers

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Hello Registered Learners!


This is the Q&A space for any questions related to the "Developing Applications with AF SDK" small private online course (SPOC) that starts on Monday, October 30, 2017.  You are welcome to post questions, answers, tips, suggestions, or anything you think your peers will find helpful.  While we encourage you to use this public space to share with the PI community at large, you should not post any information deemed confidential or proprietary to your company.


For very general quick question where you expect a quick answer, you may post below.  If you have more specific questions or are expecting a more detailed answer, you are encouraged to create a brand new question in this learning forum.  This should certainly be the case when you start going through the exercises.  It may be best for you to start a new thread specific to your question.  Be sure to use an appropriate title.  To create the question, look to the upper left


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Here is a first round of general questions to help you get started.


Q: Does this course come with a VLE?

A: No, you are expected to use your existing PI System.  The exercises require you to create 33 new PI points, which you may delete when the course is over.


Q: Are these actually YouTube videos?  My company blocks YouTube.

A: Yes, OSIsoft Learning videos are hosted on YouTube.  One route would be to ask your company to unblock the OSIsoft YouTube Learning Channel.  Another alternative would be to use a third-party tool to download the videos away from you so that you may watch them offline.  You may search on "youtube downloader" and choose the one to your liking.  Here is a PC Mag link offering some reviews.


Q: My playback looks blurry.  What can I do?

A:  See this Tips and Tricks link.


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Q: How many PI points will I need to create for this course?

A: The exercises for the Weather app require 33 tags.  You may delete these tags after the course completes.


Q: What is the difference between Visual Studio Express and Visual Studio Community?

A: The name.  Both are free.  Microsoft changed the name from Express to Community for 2017.  On Microsoft's site, you may see the name Community retroactively replacing Express in older versions as well.


Q: What version of Visual Studio may I use?

A: At a minimum, you will need Visual Studio 2013 Express (Community).  I can vouch that Visual Studio 2017 Community works fine as well.  This is discussed in Development Environment & Versions.


Q: What version of .NET Framework must I use?

A: At a minimum you will want to use .NET 4.5.2 for targeting your applications.


Q: I see the videos are all in C#.  I don't know C#.  May I use VB.NET instead?

A: Yes, by all means.  While the videos use C#, the solutions to the exercises offer C# and VB.NET versions.


Q: I am new to Visual Studio.  Should I load Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Development or .NET Desktop Development?

A: Many of the course exercises are WinForm based, so you want the .NET Desktop Development.


Q: If there is no VLE, what is the advantage of taking this course?

A: You have access to a course facilitator, standing by to answer your questions.  You aren't required to submit your exercises to the facilitator, but if you do so voluntarily the facilitator will review and offer feedback.  If you submit a final project to obtain a certificate, the facilitator will review your thoroughly project.  To get the most out of this course, it is up to you to ask questions of your facilitator.  We encourage you to use the resources at your disposal.



Rick Davin