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Get Elements using their names

Question asked by BelsimEngineering on Feb 19, 2018
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I was looking for a way to get elements from the database using a list of names.


Something like this : public List<Tag> getTags(IEnumerable<string> tagsNamesList), where tagsNamesList would be differents names (if I take the Green Power Company database as an example : Meter001, Meter005, ...).

However, these names would not be all starting with meter, so it could be : Meter001, City001, ..., which would be the parameters of my method getTags.


I tried to use the AFElementSearchBuilder amongst other ways and the only solution I found was to get each element one by one.


I suppose I am missing something. I would guess there is a way to do something such as, in SQL, : SELECT * FROM table WHERE xxx = "yyy" OR xxx = "zzz";


Thank you.