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Creating and Updating a Real-Time and an Historian AF Database in Sync

Question asked by acarlini548b on Feb 19, 2018
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Our Scenario is an R&D Environment where we constantly "Revise" and "Update" assets , so a large amount of "Revisions" happens.


We have the need to create an asset element revision ( or a series of revisions in bulk )  prior to his deployment, in order activate them immediately at the right time.


Unfortunately revisions doesn't works well with standard piwebapi and we have a couple of support cases open for that , so the unique solution we found is to have two separate AF Databases:

  • AF Real-Time Database : the one with only the active status of the assets ( i.e. all active elements in their latest revisions ) used for real-time control and monitoring
  • AF Historian Database : the one with the whole asset element revision history used for asset management ( where new revisions are created and assset comparision queries will be performed )

This solution would also improve the performance over the real-time AF Database, reducing the amount of elements and attribute to be indexed by the piwebapi crawler.


Does anybody have already implemented an automated script to copy one element from one AF database to another that can be triggered by the analysis service ( i.e. when the element.status attribute goes in status = "A - Active" ) or by a database trigger ? Or any other seamless integration ?


Thanks in advance to everybody that could help,

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