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    Referencing Event Frame Attributes On Close

    Steve Boyko

      I have an event frame generation analysis and I would like to write a few outputs to the event frame on close. I want to write outputs based on the duration of the event frame and whether someone has already edited the event frame while it was open. Is this possible?


      The duration part is easy (now) - reference EventFrame("Duration") - but how do I look at an attribute of the event frame inside the "Outputs at close" analysis?


      The outlined box in the analysis below is what I am trying to do. Event frame attribute "saved" is defaulted to "false" when the event frame is created, and my idea is to have a program flip it to "true" if it is modified while open. When this analysis runs, I don't want to overwrite what is there if saved=true. Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance for your help.