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Pi Vision - update rate

Question asked by Lukasz_Widziewicz on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Guilherme Ferreira

Hello Everyone,

I have a question about refresh rate of PiVision Symbols. I've read this (Slow Refresh Rate for Converted PDI in Coresight ) and this (PI Coresight, slow refreshing of attributes. ) similar topics, and changed the UpdateRate in legacy.config file in PIPC/PiVision from blank to 2000 (I just wanted to check if it works and if unit is second or milisecond), but nothing happened. Refresh rate was default - 5sec, and I left the value at 2000. The next day I've launched PiVision and saw that trends are not refreshing at all, so I waited until that happen. Here's my problem: the refresh rate is now 33min and 20 sec, which is exactly 2000s, but changing UpdateRate to other value is not working again. How can I make it work/ change refresh rate? I'm almost sure that i didn't change anything else. Restarting whole PiServer doesn't bring results, nor reinstalling PiVision.


Thanks in advance,