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    Web page help - Newbie




      I'm involved with a project where I need to take the data in PI (as well do formula's) and make web pages graphing and reporting.  The customer wants to advance from the SharePoint service(s) and have "nice, state-of-the-art" web pages.


      I've contacted my OSI sales rep and he said for me to get the data out of PI to implement in HTML web pages, I can use a number of methods - OLEDB, JDBC or Web Services.  He also mentions there is a PI System Access (PSA) license that already includes the PI-SDK, JDBC, Web services mentioned.  I found these by downloading the vCampus PI Products Kit (DVD Image).


      My question(s) is/are... What would be the best method (OLEDB, JDBC, etc..) if I want to pursue using HTML 5?  And do I need any other software (Visual Studio)?  If so what year/version would suffice?  Really... where do I begin??


      I know OSI is embracing Microsoft Silverlight, but like Flash, can't be seen/used on things like the iPhone.  I don't need to worry about that yet, but would eventually like to incorporate in this project.  Any help is most appreciated!!




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          Your best option will definitely be PI Web Services for this type of work - it is designed to be a lightweight, WAN-friendly product to access PI and AF data.


          On one hand, your vCampus membership provides you with the 'development' license for PI Web Services. On the other hand, your company will need to obtain the appropriate 'runtime' licenses for the users looking at that data. This is the PI System Access (PSA) license, a named user runtime license for all of our Data Access products (SDKs, OLEDB, OLEDB Enterprise, JDBC, PI Web Services, etc.) - your Sales Rep can tell you more about it.


          You can start working with the Beta version of PI Web Services 2010 (available on the vCampus Download Center, under the "Pre-Release" section). However note that there will be slight differences (which will imply code changes on your end) in the final release, scheduled to go out as part of the PI System 2010 launch (later this month).


          As for HTML 5 (which is still under development), I'll kindly let somebody else address that part of the question, since this is not exactly my cup of tea

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              Børre Heggernes





              have you had a look at the showcase thread here on vCampus? I see no reason why you can't have "nice, state-of-the-art" web pages using MOSS/WSS and PI Web Parts in combination with web parts from other vendors.


              I've seen plenty of "home made portal" projects that has failed through the years, and a lack of a consistent architecture / framework like MOSS/WSS is often the reason.

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                  Steve and Børre,


                  Thanks much for responding with some valuable info.


                  Børre, I just did a search for the showcase thread(s) (didn't have a clue they existed) and was I impressed!  I think that is certainly a course I'd like to pursue (using MOSS/WSS + Web Parts/Services), but I'm concerned with, should I use Sharepoint Services, the end user having to have certain plug-ins/add-ins to view data/trends/reports, etc.  In the past, SVG Viewer was/is required to view graphics and trends - I don't want the end user to have to download some viewer/plug-in type to see the data.  In addition, ultimately, I need the customer to be able to view the pages from their Blackberry (would love to incorporate the iPhone as well - but not required at this point).


                  I know HTML5 is still under development, but is HTML5 worth pursuing at this point (I've got a year on this project)? Is HTML4 capable of animations/graphics for trending/reporting?  I'm a systems integrator that is clearly a newbie in this department, however I REALLY want to learn this stuff; I just need help in choosing what path to take and where to start.


                  I've been reading many posts and it certainly seems this community is very helpful to one another - I hope I can get to the point where I can reciprocate the help as well!


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                      Lonnie Bowling

                      Hi John,


                      I am going down the the road you are thinking of and my experiences so far are:


                      Sharepoint + Webparts: Simple to put together, only supports IE and requires the SVG viewer pluggin, if you want to use excel services for reporting then you will have to upgrade Sharepoint to a paid version (check on this for 2010).  We have done two large projects with SP and it works, but the pain level goes up very fast if you want more than the basics.


                      I have been using Silverlight because it is easy to get something up and extends the .Net platform which I have a lot of experienece with.  Both Flash and Silverlight are not supported on iPhone/iPad which really sucks.  One day this may change, but I'm not holding my breath and need to provide solutions in the hear and now.   Bottom line is that if I want to proivde apps for these devices then I have to follow Apples rules, which I don't have time for unless a client wants to pay me for the additional work.  For high-end, fully functional applications Flash and SL are the two serious players, and SL is much more suited for PI and UI work IMO.


                      It is still too early for me to start thinking about HTML5, but in the long run it could be great, but I will be on the sidelines for now.


                      So there is not perfect solution in my opinion.  It depends on what you need to provide and how much time you have to get up-to-speed on various technologies.


                      Hope that helps and best of luck!



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                        John Hodgson

                        I don't want the end user to have to download some viewer/plug-in type to see the data
                        Well if you want richer content and experience (i.e. more than standard HTML), I'm afraid you don't have much choice here... whatever approach you end up using, your clients will have to have some client-side plug-in/viewer/renderer of some sort. Whether it's the Silverlight runtime, the Flash player, Adobe's SVG viewer, or a combination of these.


                        John Hodgson

                        I need the customer to be able to view the pages from their Blackberry
                        I heard/read rumours about Flash and Silverlight possibly making their way to the Blackberry... anybody has more info on the topic??