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    Archive Disk Space is low


      I am having a Disk Drive in a PI server where Pi Archive data is stored.

      I have to always un-register old archive files and move them to different location to free up some spaces.

      Is there any other way instead of every time un-registering Archive and manually moving arc files ???

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          The obvious answer would be to increase the available disk space, for instance by installing a bigger harddrive. Alternatively, if you do not need to store the data indefinitely, you could make the PI Server overwrite old archives instead of creating new ones.


          Other than that, I don't know how you can avoid this.

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            Hi Ashif


            You can try PI powershell script to un-register and transfer files from one location to another location.


            Powershell to Un-register an archivefile


            PS C:\>Unregister-PIArchive -Name "D:\Program Files\PI\arc\archivefile.01" -Connection $con

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              Hi Ashif,

              I would recommend you check out 3122OSI8 - How Automatic Archive Creation Works.  You can configure the PI Data Archive to not automatically create new archives, and instead overwrite the oldest archive.  This way you can have a rolling time period of data stored in the archives.  The other option as stated above, would be to increase the drive space on the machine to continue with auto archive creation.  If the machine is physical, large SSD drives are typically not very expensive and should allow for plenty of archive space depending on the archiving rate of your server.


              Something else to look into is whether or not the archive is filling up faster recently than before.  Has the problem gotten worse over time?  It may help to take a look at Exception and Compression settings for tags that may be archiving more than necessary and filling up disk space.


              Finally, if you are truly looking for a brute force method to automatically un-register, and move archives off of the server, I agree, that utilizing a PowerShell script to do this or batch script with robocopy would do what you are looking for.


              - Adam

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