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    Digital Tag State Issue


      I have a digital tag that I have been working with that will not read both sides of the digital state.


      My tag is set as a 0 = OFF and 1 = ON.

      The tag gets state 0 and reads off when the ON state is enabled I get a message of bad value.


      I tried using a digital set that we had already configured and been using. That failed so I created a brand new digital set.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi James,


          Have you confirmed that the data being sent to the point is indeed 0 and 1 ?


          You could try changing the PI Point to be an integer to confirm or enable more debugging on the interface that is writing to the PI Point to see what data is being sent or look in the data source.


          What interface is writing to this PI Point and what is the data source? What's the complete error message that you are getting?




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              I am new to PI and administering PI. I am not sure how to confirm that it is truly sending a 0 and 1. If I change the point to an interface it immediately flags on the PI SMT software as not a available option.


              I know the PI Data source is good. That is a PI interface with a few thousand tags that are currently working... Its a honeywell DCS that is writing to my OPC interface.



              Thanks for your help so far.