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    Notifications don't trigger when events are too close one another?!

    Guilherme Ferreira

      Hi all!


      I am configuring PI Notifications for some alarm events.

      Eventually the events are created correctly but don't trigger the notifications.

      It appears to me that this is happening when a new event is created too close to the end of the previous one.



      No error in Notifications log file (no message at all).

      Only after rebooting notifications service it starts sending notifications again.


      Any thoughts?



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          Hi Guilherme,


          Did you try enabling TRACE on the logger for PINotifications.exe ? How did you search through the logs? I would typically use the Event Frame name as a search string. I'm surprised there were no messages at all if TRACE was enabled. Were the logs still updating with other messages?


          One thing you may want to try, next time this happens, is to create a new Notifications based on an Event Frame analysis for which you can control the trigger. Then trigger the Event Frame / Notification and confirm that the Notification Service isn't in a "hung state". We don't have many Tech Support cases with "hanging" PI Notifications service. The ones we do have are related to this work item:




          The other Tech Support cases we have with Notifications not sending an email were typically resolved by looking at the logs with TRACE enabled.


          Hope this helps,


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