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    Display an AFTable in a dataGridView


      What is the best way to populate a dataGridView on a Windows form with the content of an existing AFTable? I've tried several approaches:

      1. Assigning the AFTable as the dataGridView.DataSource does not work. Nothing is shown.
      2. Assigning the AFtTable to BindingSource and then assiging this to the dataGridView.DataSource proovies much information about the AFTable but not the table content as such.

      Did I expect either of the above to work? Not sure. I realise that an AFTable is not simply a SQL Table. This being so do I have to read the AFTable content row-by-row into a local DataTable and then assign this to the dataGridView? While not difficult, it seems somewhat 'messy' so I wondered whther there is a tidier method.