PI World 2018 SF: PARC 55 is the place for Developers

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Apr 19, 2018

This year's PI World is being spread over 3 hotels: the Hilton Union Square, Parc 55, and Nikko.  Note that almost everything-and-anything developer related is hosted at the Parc 55, starting with the Innovation Hackathon on Day 0 and ending with what we call DevCon (formerly TechCon) on Day 3.  The busiest day at Parc 55 is Day 3 where there are hands-on developer labs, as well as many presentations geared towards the developer/data scientist audience.  After the labs and presentations, there is also the first ever Developers Meet-Up Reception and Awards Ceremony (obviously we've done awards before but the reception is a new offering). 


Whether you call it the Developer Track, TechCon, or DevCon, we have a wide offering to developers and data scientists alike with Parc 55 as Developer Ground Central.  What if you don't consider yourself to be a developer?  Should you attend the Developers Reception?  The easiest way to decide is: are you attending any lab or presentation at Parc 55?  If the answer is yes, then by all means come to the reception!


Also new this year are a couple of presentation styles we are excited about offering.  In addition to the 2-3 hour hands-on labs, and 45-minute talks, we now will offer 90-minute Live Coding or How To sessions.  With the Live Coding or How To's, the presenter will show the code on screen and walk you through a given process.  Each presentation will be recorded and the code will be on GitHub.