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    Which Expression Analyses is useful


      B-1 and B-2 these are attributes,


      Now, I want to show that if the values of B-1 and B-2 are 1 then only they should be calculated otherwise it is not necessary.


      I have used NoOutput() status but I got bad values.

      > If ('B-1'=1) And ('B-2'=1) then 1 Else NoOutput()

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          John Messinger

          Hi Narendra,


          I would try modifying your expression along the following lines:


          If ('BL-1' = 1) And ('BL-2' = 1) Then 'BL-1' * 'BL-2' Else NoOutput()


          Your original expression is basically an AND operation, however the syntax is just a little bit off. If this Analysis is more than just a learning exercise, I would even consider simplifying it further:


          If ('BL-1' = 1) And ('BL-2' = 1) Then 1 Else NoOutput()


          Depending on the usage requirement of the Analysis output, you will only ever see values of 1 in the output - if you intend to use this as some sort of toggle indicator, then I wouldn't use NoOutput(), rather I would set the output to 0 in the Else branch.