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    Performance Equation Big number issue


      Good morning all and thanks a lot 


      I've an issue with big number comparison in the formula of the PE, for example:

      this works :  ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 134217728)=134217728  when the tag 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' has the value 134217728 the PE result is True

      this, with big number, Doesn't works :  ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and  2147483648)= 2147483648  when the tag 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' has the value  2147483648 the PE result is False

      instead if I use : (IF 'EIG.PRO5.A1185.A1185.M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' = 2147483648 then 1 else 0) works fine, but this solution doesn't work having more alarms at the same time


      I kindly ask your support , thanks in advance.


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          Hello Alfonso,


          I was not able to reproduce your issue on my environment.


          I am currently using PI Data Archive 3.4.400.1162. What is your PI Data Archive version?


          Have you tried to use PI Analysis? It is more efficient and accurate than Performance Equations.


          I created a source tag called TagTest and a PE Tag called BigNumberTest (both Float32) and the expression 'tagtest' = 2147483648 works fine.



          hope this helps.

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            The AND operator in PE evaluates True, if operands A and B both evaluate to true. If both A and B are integers, returns the result of a bitwise AND operation.

            I am curious about your choice of numbers  (2147483648). 2147483647 is the Max Value for Int32. What is this your tag data type? Are you checking for maximum?

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              I did not realize you were comparing the tag value and a number to a number. In this case case Thyag is correct, this expression will be evaluate in a bitwise fashion.


              What is your final goal with this application?

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                Be warned: The answer is long and boring and may not solve your problem


                As I understand, you have 32 individual boolean signals packed in one 32-bit PI-Tag of type int32.

                Converting your mask 2147483648 into hex gives 80000000 or binary 1 and 31 zeros. So, you try to check the most significant bit (31, counting bit positions from 0).

                And exactly this bit 31 is the catch, because its meaning depends on internal implementation/definition of type int32. It may be

                - Unsigned, with range 0 to 2^32-1 or 0 to 4294967295

                - Signed, with range -2^31 to +2^31-1 or -2147483648 to +2147483647

                In PI the int32 is implemented as Signed. All values above 2147483647 are too big to fit into 31 bits + sign and may (or may not) be converted - it is implementation dependent and may be different in old PI Performance Equation Subsystem being part of PI Data Archive and PI Analysis Subsystem being part of PI AF. So don't rely on it.

                If you need to check this particular bit, just try it out with -2147483648 (which is possible to store in int32) instead of 2147483648. It may work. I didn't have time to check it.

                If it doesn't, just try to avoid checking bit 31.


                EDIT: It's trivial, just check if the value is <0 - it's only possible if the bit 31 is set.

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                  Thanks all for your help and sorry for my late reply.

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                    As suggested by Gustavo 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' = 2147483648 works but is not cumulative.


                    I try to explain better, I've 8 alarm reasons that can come single or multiple:

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 16777216)=16777216           alarm 1

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 33554432)=33554432           alarm 2

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 67108864)=67108864           alarm 3

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 134217728)=134217728       alarm 4

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 268435456)=268435456       alarm 5

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 536870912)=536870912       alarm 6

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 1073741824)=1073741824   alarm 7

                    ('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' and 2147483648)=2147483648   alarm 8

                    all of them works fine alone and and if I've number result of alarm 5 plus alarm 4 plus alarm 7 for example, they became all true.


                    as above alarm 8 doesn't work at all, if I use 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' = 2147483648 it works alone but not cumulative with Others.

                    thanks again for any suggestions, Alfonso.

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                      data type of 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' is Float64

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                          Rick Davin

                          Oddly enough, the bitwise comparison in Asset Analytics can compare Int64 but the resulting comparison is an Int32.  Which means you will need to convert during the comparison:


                          2018-05-16 07_50_59-__DESKTOP-L6P2PBN_DanLopez - PI System Explorer (Administrator).png


                          I will reach out to one of the developers and ask if this is intentional.  While the PI Data Archive does not support an Int64, an AFAttribute does, and I would hope that I would expect (Int64 And Int64) to return another Int64.

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                              Thanks Rick,

                              I'm trying specifing INT as you suggest but the result is always false.

                              I'm not in AF I'm using PE

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                                  Rick Davin

                                  The best solution would be to change the data type of 'M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' to be an Int32.  This should not be a problem with the interface sending a UInt32.  Except instead of 2147483648, you would need to use -2147483648.  This solution makes the most sense since it truly compares the 32 bits as they were read from the interface.


                                  Or you could try changing the PE to:


                                  Int('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' And Int(2147483648)) = Int(2147483648)


                                  But that's a lot of repeated effort to achieve something that needs to be done only once when reading the 32 bit integer from the interface.

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                              I've already tried to use -2147483648 didn't work, now I'm trying the formula Int('M_MachineAlarmReasons1_32_R' And Int(2147483648)) = Int(2147483648)

                              and also this doesn't work.

                              I understand the point that Int32 is until 2147483647 but I'm comparing simply a number in PE and it doesn't work....



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                                Good morning,

                                is there any other suggestion for my problem?

                                The suggestions kindly received so far have not even given solution to the problem.

                                Thanks to all.