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Introduction and Treeview switch asset option

Question asked by SergioFC on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by SergioFC

Hi everyone, I'm Sergio Ferrer, part of PI System Development team in United Nations Support Base in Valencia (Spain).


We are migration a SharePoint monitoring application to PI Vision in order to improve navigation, responsive design, etc....since we are 3 members of the same team doing the training right now, we want to distribute our current displays (SVG's for webparts) to "traduce" it into PI Vision.


One of us will develop some displays for Photovoltaic plant: inverters overview with total production and alarms, inverter detail, etc...

Another one will develop a Home page with most important KPI's like Total power consumption of the base, Fuel Generators  State, alarms, Outside temperature, etc..we will add links and images in this part to test navigation.

The last one will develop some diplays related to Transform Center. Overview, details, alarms and Power consumption charts.


My question is, could we include a treeview for each "section" (photovoltaic, transform center, etc) setting a different root element for each or the user must use Asset Switch option?

The point is that we want the customer to log in in kiosk mode, but we want give him the option to switch between the elements inside the section (as we did in treeview webpart connected to pi graphic via AF Attribute).


Thank you in advance