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    Asset Attribute


      Hi, I cannot see the option "Asset Attribute" inside the Collection Criteria window to apply a filter.


      Anyone could help?



      Cheers and thank you in advance.

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          Hey Sergio,


          Not sure, never seen that before.  I tried to reproduce in a couple ways but was unsuccessful.  Two questions.

          1) What browser are you using? Is it dependent on the browser?

          2) What version of PI Vision is that? I notice "Evaluation Version" on the top.  I can try testing against that version if you let me know!



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              Hi Jason, many thanks for your help.

              We are using an evaluation version (PI Vision 2017 R2), that's correct. Probably this is the reason, it could be a limitation for being evaluation...I don't know.


              We can not see Asset Attributes in Firefox or Chrome...even on Edge ()


              Kind regards


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              I have a support call opened today with another customer with the same issue. Please allow some time until we come up with a first recommendation.