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    Event Frame setup - Capturing before and after detail


      I have spent some time looking around for this and run across several examples of accomplishing this task but I wanted to ensure I was not missing a feature that is already included in Event Frames.



      1. How to get 30 minutes or x duration of data BEFORE the event is true and subsequently identify data AFTER the event closes.


      Items run across so far:


      1. Create a new PI point with an output tag of -x timestamp for whatever duration you care about..this is not ideal because the event itself then has a false duration.

      2. Utilizing Child events with event frame generator (not ideal as end users are not familiar with EFGen and I don't see that as an ideal long term solution)



      Thoughts? Is this an area of improvement? Maybe I am dreaming but I thought this capability already existed in PI AF for Event Frames.



      Ideally: Event Frames are captured for the event in question and actual duration is specific to that criteria. For investigation purposes users should be able to define pre-event and post-event duration's to aid in troubleshooting

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          Hello Timothy,


          You can easily track your variables within a period of time right before the event frame starts by using the "Advanced Event Frames Settings.." available in the PI Analysis Event Frame Generation type.



          However I am afraid you won't find a direct feature to have the same for the a period after the event closes.


          Please refer to this document for more information about how to configure the Event Frames.



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            Getting data after the event frame has closed usually involves recapturing the values.


            My recent blog contains a PowerShell script and details of how to do this.

            Late Arriving Data - PowerShell Script to Recapture EventFrames

            You can setup an attribute with a positive RelativeTime using TimeRangeOverride for averages and values.

            e.g. TimeMethod=TimeRangeOverride;RelativeTime=+30m;TimeRangeMethod=Average

            On the event close this will either give the current values or No Data - but when the Event Frame is re-capture afterwards, it will capture for the time relative to the Event Frame end time - even when that is in the future relative to the Event Frame.