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PI Web API vs PI AF SDK Event Listening

Question asked by egdenis on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by egdenis

From my current research it seems that there are two options for event listening: PI Web API or PI AF SDK.

I'd like to listen for changes so that I can stream new data continuously to my applications. Data will be pulled from many different PI Systems and servers so scalability and efficacy is important.


I have looked into the differences of both methods but I have only been able to find discussions pertaining to the retrieval of large chunks of data not a continuous stream.


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AF SDK performance, serial vs. parallel vs. bulk 


Ideally I would prefer using the PI Web API because of it's simplicity and cross-platform operability but am worried that it may be to performance intensive when compared to the AF SDK. How large would the difference be in my use case (streaming)?


Also from my understanding both PI Web API and PI AF SDK require PI system managers to install additional software. Do most users have these already installed? This is of significance because having customers install additional software is a cause of additional complexity for the customer.