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    Configure an IPad to access PIVision without prompting for credentials

    Guilherme Ferreira

      Hello all!


      I would like to configure an IPad to access the PI Vision without prompting the user for credentials (like this KB)


      So far, I have configure the SSO using this and this as references.


      Now, when the user access the PIVision for the first time, Safari prompts them for just the password.

      If the IPad is rebooted the user needs to enter the password again.


      I would like to take the next step and store the password somehow that user will never have to fill it up again.

      This new password autofill feature looks closer to my goal, but even that I couldn't configure so far.

      Safari didn't offer to store the password sent to Kerberos.


      Has anyone implemented something like this?



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          Hi Guilherme,


          I imagine it won't be possible to configure it so that your SSO is saved indefinitely. The article you linked to shows that this has a 3.5d timeout by default.


          As you mentioned, however, this kind of timeout, combined with an autofill feature, should still allow for a pretty painless login experience. You mention you're having issues getting the credentials to save? Can you describe the behaviors?


          KB01228 specifies that you must be running iOS 11, so I'd double check that your iPad is up to date on its software upgrades. If it is, are you able to access the feature as desribed in the article (iOS Settings => Accounts & Passwords => App & Website Passwords) ?

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