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    Sharing PI Vision 2017 R2 Displays


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm trying to share my PI Vision Displays with groups I'm not member of and It doesn't seem possible,

      In the sharing window in every display, I can't find another Identity besides the ones I'm part of.


      I'd appreciate your help.

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          Hi Jose


          In PI Vision 2017 R2, the PI Vision home page was updated to allow only administrators to share a display with any identity.


          Allow display sharing to any AF identity for Administrators – User Feedback for OSIsoft Products




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              Since I need my users to be able to share their own displays between groups I've decided to create another PI AF Identity and map those users accordingly.

              AD Groups.

                   Plant1 Engineer.

                   Plant1 Operator


              PI AF Identities:

                   PI Plant1 World.

                   PI Plant1 Engineer.

                   PI Plant1 Operator.


              PI AF Mappings:

                   PI Plant1 World. (Plant1 Engineer, Plant1 Operator)

                   PI Plant Engineer. (Plant1 Engineer)

                   PI Plant Operator. (Plant1 Operators)


              With this configuration (which I'm not sure is recommended), when operators want to Share a display with Engineers and Operators all they have to do is share the display with the Identity PI Plant1 World.

              * I'm restricting security over AF based on the identities PI Plant Engineer and PI Plant Operator. The identity PI Plant1 World is used only to share displays between groups.


              Just wanted to let you know my workaround and hope It's not a terrible practice. If there is a better way I'd appreciate to know.