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    LIMS Integration


      Does anyone have examples / experience with ThermoFisher SampleManager LIMS integration with PI ? Is this always bespoke or are there some well know predefined routes to go ( I assume through PSA ) ?

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          Hi Robert,


          Some cases in our Technical Support database indicate ThermoFisher is offering an add-on to SampleManager LIMS which connect to the PI Data Archive through PI API. I suggest you to get in touch with ThermoFisher.

          If my findings (above) turn out correct, please make sure you obtain a PSA License for those PI Servers you connect. Since you included PSA with your question, I assume you are aware but for anybody else who may be wondering what PSA means, please refer to this resource which informs about licensing requirements related to Developer Technologies used in custom applications.

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            As Gregor Beck mentioned, ThermoFisher has an API-based application to write to PI called the SM-PI interface.

            SampleManager LIMS transmits data taken from discrete measurements to PI. Samples obtained from the discrete sampling points and taken to the laboratory can be logged into SampleManager. Once the sample has been analysed for the pre-defined test, it can be sent to the PI system in a secure manner using the SM-PI interface.

            Alternatively, I would also discuss with them if the data is access through an ODBC connection. From the website, I could not find any conclusive information, but majority of LIMS system allow some sort of ODBC connection that can be used by the PI Interface for RDBMS.



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              Hi Robert,


              I'm actually the rensponsible for both PI and SM ( ThermoFisher SampleManager ) in our R&D division.


              The current standard module to integrate PI and SM is named PIMS, and is a general interface between any historian and SampleManager limited to the mapping of PI Points to Analysis Components + Sampling Point combination. It is bi-directional , so you can write an analytical result to PI with a bit of freedom, but normally it writes the result to the mapped PI Point and passing the timestamp = sampling date

              The other direction works in a similar way, the LIMS result has a calculation where you can specify the way you get the data from PI, i.e. by the mapped PI Point and at the sampled date, or an average from a time range ( i.e. for a batch would be start and end date ) and so on.


              For PI AF there are no interface yet, but I'm working on that :

              - From PI Vision you can actually create a symbol passing the time range and the asset element you get an HTML matrix table with LIMS results for that element ( could be mapped to a sampling point or location etc.. ) or passing the ID of a SampleManager Selection Criteria. We have written ad-hoc HTML reporting libraries for SM.

              - From SampleManager you can create your own .NET customization library and do whatever you like with AFSDK ,



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