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    Wait time for Update after Instrument Tag Changes



      I am troubleshooting a number of PI tags that are showing a "BAD" value.  They are coming from an OPC-DA source and all read as good values when using the OSI OPC client app on the PI Interface.  I have updated a number of the Instrument tags and m waiting to see if that resolves the issue.  How long should the update take.  Note we have about 9,900 OPC tags in the Server Instance, all allocated in scan classes of 800 maximum (the scan times vary from 1-60 seconds).


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          Hi Dan


          If you are updating instrument tag then tag updates depends on few parameters. e.g. Mass Tag update is OPC server supports(/MA) for faster load if OPC server supports. In general it loads 25 tags for approx 30 seconds before it actually starts collecting data based on scan frequency. With the number of OPC tags I can estimate approx 3-5 hours before it starts collecting data data with new source. You can do a restart of interface but will an impact on your existing active tags which are collecting data from same interface (lose data for restart period)




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            The interface checks every 2 minutes for changes made to any tags. Then, based on that, it will process the changes 25tags/0.25*cycle, which generally ends up being every 30 seconds. If you have made edits to a lot of tags, restarting the interface for which majority of the changes have an impact would be the way to go.