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    Conditional formating a row in Table



      I am new to PI Vision and wanted to know if you can do a conditional formatting of a row in your Table?  For example suppose my timestamp is older than 24 hours then I want to highlight the row red, or if I could link a freeform text box then I'd want to enter the value "STALE".  Is this possible in PI Vision?  I am running PI Vision 2017 R2.


      Thank you.

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          Hi Jujar,


          The asset comparison table provides you with a simple conditional formatting. This can be found under its 'Add/Configure multi-state' menu. However, it only does with values and not with the timestamps unless you have an attribute with the timestamp.

          The other option is to utilize 'Add Dynamic Search Criteria' where it only leaves rows that meet your criteria. In this case too, there is no native way to present staleness. You need to provide a logic to calculate the staleness of your data.

          Please see if any of the above options can be fitted to your need.




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            Hi Jujar


            I would suggest you to create enumeration set and map it to calculation PI Point in AF with predefined states like State, Bad etc. You can define AF analysis to determine it tag is stale, bad, good etc based on data . Use Asset table or own custom table and add multistate to shows colour based on the status of the calculation.


            Regarding text box to input the value, would suggest you to write it from AF based on the calculation output or use custom symbol functionality to insert a text box.


            @Paul Martin blog for reference on custom symbols.


            Creating PI Vision Symbols that Interact with Each Other