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    License of PI Interface


      Good mornings fellas


      I tried the PI System with the developer version. and I tried PI Interface but there was an error in the license.

      Can the developer version not access the pi interface?

      Thank you





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          Hi Mohammad


          Please find the extract from PI Developer club FAQ:


          PI Developers Club FAQ

          Question 8 : Similar to OPC DA interfaces


          The PI Data Archive provides 10,000 points and the system may have up to 3 nodes in an HA (High Availability) Collective. Because the PI System is meant to be used as a personal development system (i.e. isolated from production data sources), only the default interfaces & simulators installed with the PI System and the PI to PI Interface are provided. All other PI Interfaces (such as PI Interface for OPC DA) will not work with this PI Data Archive. The PI to PI Interface is included because it provides an easy way to feed production data to this development system. Please contact your Account or Partner Manager regarding your needs if you wish to discuss additional options outside the scope of PI Developers Club




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            Eugene Lee

            The intention of the Development PI System is meant to be used as a testing platform for building custom application. Hence, production interfaces such as the PI Interface for OPC DA are not supported.