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    Highlight trace in PI Processbook Trend (VBA)




      When you hover over a trace value on the rightmost side of the trend, the trace will show as highlighted in the trend.

      PI Trend Highlighted.png

      Is it technically possible to achieve this functionality via VBA? My purpose would be that for each time the data update event is called, the next trace in the trend would be highlighted.



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          Hi Arve,


          I looked into this and it's technically possible in VBA.  You can use TrendFormats class to increase Weight of the trace which would make it thicker than the rest.  You can then have a data update listener that causes the trend to revert the current highlighted trace back to normal and set the next trace to be thicker.


          The caveat to this is that you can't edit the legend so that the appropriate label gets highlighted as well.


          Would that work for you?



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