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    Multiple Processbook Instances


      I am trying to create some VBA code that will allow me to open up a new instance of processbook. Once the new instance is opened, assign it to a variable that will allow me to open up pdi files within that particular instance.

      Currently I am using the Shell command to open up a new instance of processbook, however, I am unable to programmatically open and close displays within the new instance.

      Any and all help is appreciated.


      Public vPID As Variant
      Public Sub OpenApplication()
          'Launch application if not already open
          If vPID = 0 Then 'Application not already open
              vPID = Shell("C:\Program Files (x86)\PIPC\Procbook\Procbook.exe", vbNormalFocus)
          Else 'Application already open so reactivate
              On Error GoTo 101
              AppActivate (vPID)
                'This currently does not work. The above does thought.
              With Application.ActiveProcBook
              .Application.Displays.Add "test"
              End With
          End If
      End Sub