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    PI Integrator for BA - Child Attributes




      I am working on creating an asset view in PI Integrator for BA with several attributes each containing several child attributes. When creating my view and choosing "select all" for the attributes (without expanding each individual attribute), the parent attributes are selected but the child attributes are not. I am able to select the child attributes when I expand the parent attributes. Is there a way to select all including child attributes without expanding every parent attribute?



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          Roger Palmen

          Not that i know... It's quirky!

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            Hi Jessica,


            Unfortunately, if you want to drag a child attribute to the Shape panel, you will need to expand the parent. However, with your shape filters, you can tell the PI Integrator to filter for all attributes with a Channel* attribute, and then with Any child attribute (deselect the name and template filter). This will allow it to select all Parent attributes with a "Channel" in the front of the attribute name and all child attributes. See the following example:


            Here, we have the 'Sinu_kW' parent attribute with the 'Sinu_attr' child attribute. However, because we deselected filters for the 'Sinu_attr', the PI Integrator should find all child attributes for the attribute 'Sinu_kW'. Note that the PI Integrator will find a match for every child attribute, therefore, you will have two columns with this method. One for the parent and one for the child (as opposed to one column for each parent and one for each child underneath).


            Alternatively, if you have the same child attributes under each parent, you drag one set of the parent/child attributes and have the parent level filter with 'Channel*', and it should pull all attributes. This method will have one column for the parent and one for each child.


            Let us know if any of these work for you.

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                Thanks Roger Palmen and Andy Yang. Your answers are definitely helpful but I'm still encountering some issues.


                Ultimately I'd like to create a view so that each channel is separated by rows with the associated child attributes as columns. It's still a possibility to expand all and select all attributes including the child attributes, but this will give me both the channel data and channel child attribute data as columns - which may end up being the route I have to take if there's no other option.


                When trying to follow the suggestions above I'm not able to achieve the view I want. I believe Andy touched on this in his answer, I can get all child attributes by selecting "any", but as he stated this will give me a single child attribute column that encompasses all the child attributes instead of separating them.


                I thought wildcard groups could be the answer, and I have been able to create a view with each channel correctly separated. However, when using the wildcard groups (or any other method I've attempted so far) the child attributes will always default to a prefix of "Channel 01" instead of changing to match the parent attribute. I'm not sure why the child attributes are not following the naming pattern for the parent, is this a limitation of the integrator? Or is there a way this can be configured?



                Thank you for your assistance,