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    PI System Explorer to a SSRS Report




      I am trying to hook up the data that can be found in PI System Explorer (containing analysis on tags) and I am trying to get the data to be shown in a SSRS report.


      I've looked into used PI OLE DB as a data source connection type in SSRS, but I do not know how to get the connection to point to the database I am using in PI System Explorer.


      Has anyone done this before? It's hard to find documentation on connecting to a SSRS report.




      Your help is much appreciated.


      Thank you!

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            Hi Vincent,


            Thank you for your reply! I've watched that video. But it doesn't answer my question. I might have stated it incorrectly.


            I have a element hierarchy laid out in PI System Explorer. This is sitting on a development database, so it is not in production yet.


            Asset Server: PIAF-GEN






            I want to be able to access the data in DevDb in a SSRS report.


            I'm sorry PI is new to me and I'm not familiar with all of its products.

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                The database that you are querying from is determined by the table schema. So an PI OLEDB Enterprise query would look something like:


                SELECT *

                FROM [NuGreen].[Asset].[Element]

                WHERE DBReferenceTypeID IS NOT NULL


                This query is accessing elements from the NuGreen AF database.


                If this is your first time working with our SQL products, I suggest taking the time to peruse the rest of the PI SQL course as it does a good job introducing you to how the products work and then does a deeper dive into some common use-cases.



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                    Okay that make sense. I will check out the PI SQL course as you recommended.


                    I do have one last question:

                    In SSRS, I do not have the option for "PI SQL Client" for the OLE DB Provider. It does however give me the option to choose "PI OLE DB Provider". Do I need the PI SQL Client to use the PI OLEDB Enterprise Query?


                    Thank you again for your help