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PI Datalink Selection.FormulaArray for =PISampDat shows #N/A

Question asked by wentang on Jun 18, 2019
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I use Excel 2010 VBA code (see Pic-1) to generate PI Sampled Data for PI tags from cells B1 to F1.  The output is from column A3 for PI tag in cell B1 with timestamps on column A and values on Column B, column C to F is for PI tags from cell C1 to F1.   Column A and B generated timestamps and values for tag in cell B1 without problem, but from column C to F it shows #N/A for all values (see Pic-2).  I have to right click 'Sampled Data...' on the cell A3 and click 'Apply' to show the values on the worksheet (see Pic-3).  Can anyone provide suggestion to fix this problem?  Thanks.


WenGinn Tang