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Bulk Create or Update PI Points in AF SDK

Question asked by NateDavidson on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by NateDavidson

I've been looking through PI square and i can't seem to find a good answer for what i need. I'm building a simple c# script that uses the AFSDK to check on elements and attributes throughout our AF Database. Any calls to or from the af server are very expensive time wise. My script will find attributes that are PI Point references, whose PI Points haven't been created yet, using the tag creation script in the data reference field, and the intent is for it to create the pi points that haven't been created yet. The AF Attribute object has an easy way to do this, but if there are 60 attributes per element, and there is a 10-15 second time cost for each attribute, this could be inefficient. Is there a way to do a bulk create or update pi point through the AFSDK?