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Post or Patch Methods

Question asked by AlbertoReynoso on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by rschmitz

Hi Bob, I can´t do any post or patch method in any AF databases inside or outside the server itself!


The AF and the PI Data archive are in the same server and I used the same domain account to install them and that's the same account that I'm using to do the get, post and patch methods. The same account is in the piadmins group and in the admin AF identitie, and in the adminitrator group of the server. In other words that account has admin permissions in everywhere. 


This is a screenshoot of the word identitie where you can see full permissions in AF for the Nugreen data base:



This is the error message in fiddler:



I couldn't find how to get it done.


Are there any suggestions?


Best regards,