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AFEventFrameSearch for Null Analysis

Question asked by PedroCampos on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by rdavin



I am writing a code to get the event frames with null analysis. My first strategy was


List<AFSearchToken> tokenListAnalysis = new List<AFSearchToken>();
tokenListAnalysis.Add(new AFSearchToken(AFSearchFilter.Analysis, AFSearchOperator.Equal, null));
AFEventFrameSearch tokenSearchAnalysis = new AFEventFrameSearch(_AFDatabase, "EventFrameOrphanedSearch", tokenListAnalysis);
List<AFEventFrame> resultsTotal = tokenSearchAnalysis.FindEventFrames().ToList<AFEventFrame>()


But this is searching only Event frames without Element Generated. If I create an element and generate an event frame from "EventFrameGeneratorAnalysis" and delete the analysis this event frame is not retrieved by my search.


But if I get all event frames this event frame with  "EventFrameGeneratorAnalysis" deleted is retrieved with ".Analysis" property as null.


This is the problem the I having with my local environment. But in production I am having a lot of event frames with null Analysis that seems were not modified and I don't have idea why this event frames are being retrieved for my search, because they seems to look ok.


I Would like to know when I do AFSearchToken(AFSearchFilter.Analysis, AFSearchOperator.Equal, null), what do I exactly filtering?