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PI Integrator for BA_PI Data Archive not found error

Question asked by Narmadha_B on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by pkannan


I am trying to publish a streaming data to IoT Hub. When defining the shape, I was getting the following error. 


PI Data Archive '<DA_SERVER_NAME>' was not found


But I continued to publish the view, and during each scheduled run it gives the below error.


DataPoint::RepeatAFCall: Exception Type InvalidOperationException: DataPoint::GetInterpolatedValuesAtTimesEx: Attribute='<AF Attribute Path>' - Exception error [-2146233079] : PI Data Archive '<DA_SERVER_NAME>' was not found.


This DA and AF belong to a different environment but I'm able to connect them via PI Explorer & PI SMT. And I'm able to ping this PI Server from the host server. But not sure, why the connection is rejected in the PII4BA. 


Does anyone came across similar issue? How do we confirm the connectivity to the PI DA is established from the PII4BA?