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Find which AF database is totalizing my point!

Question asked by andrew_Inwood on Jul 14, 2020
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Quite a long time ago, I set up an AF database analysis that takes a given tag, calculates a daily total for it, and exports that to another (total) tag.  I now want to back-fill the data.  The problem: I can't find which database I set up for the totalizer.


So I know the "import" tag, and the "export" (totalizer) tag.  Is there a way to easily search for which databases are updating which tags?



(I now have a specific database set-up for totalisers.  I thought this was one of the tags I'd added to that, but clearly I haven't.  I'll do that, once I find where it is being updated from, so that I don't have two databases updating the same tag...)