How to setup a ini file for a UFL interface to incorporate inconstant Data Columns

Discussion created by Rhishabh.Singh on Aug 21, 2020
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Hi All,

Request your help.

I have set up an UFL interface successfully for data files which have a constant number of data columns,Please see the format below

File Format(csv) and Ini StoreinPI command

File Name-Equipment1




But I have been struggling to find a way to make an ini file that will work for inconstant data columns number i.e. If for Equipment2 the data columns/sensors are 6 instead of 8 then can they be handled by a single UFL interface?PFB Snip.

I want the same ini file to work for 6 and 8 sensors.(The Columns will be always be  in  a defined sequence like above and column count will either be 6 or 8)

I tried the below storeinpi commands but didn't work(no errors and no values written), ideally it should work.


File Format(csv) and Ini StoreinPI command

File Name-Equipment2


Can such a scenario be implemented in PI UFL,please help.


Thanks and Regards