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How to upgrade the AF SQL DB on AWS RDS

Question asked by Ashwin.Kumar on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by Ashwin.Kumar

Hi Community,


I am planning to upgrade AF server version to "PI-Server_2018-SP3-Patch-2" from "PI AF server 2018" and would like to understand the best approach to upgrade PIFD on RDS.


Before i post this question here, i have gone through few other articles or discussion related to AF server set-up on EC2 and PIFD on AWS RDS and that given me some idea. 



1. AF SQL DB(PIFD) database configured on AWS RDS.

2. As this is on RDS, i dont have sysadmin role permissions.

3. Running AF services as "NT SERVICE\AFService". So, i am pretty sure i cannot configure this with domain service account but would like to know if any options available.


Kindly advise me if any possible options. 


Thank you