PI Resolver Offline issue

Discussion created by Cravinho on Oct 16, 2020
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Hello to all.

I am a new user in PI, although I have been getting along.

At the moment I found an issue that I cannot overcome. I'll explain it briefly:

So I am using PI UFL to try to import data to from csv files to some, previously created, PI Tags.

I created the Interface and designed the INI file to parse the .csv files.

When I try to start the service of the interface  this error message appears.

Once I open the PI Message log this is the only prompted message:

Looking for the specific error on PI SDK Utility did not help me a lot: it only says what I already know, that "RPC Resolver is Off-line."

I found some other answers, scavenging through this forum, but they all point to something that I am not familiar with: maybe some subsystem from PI is not working at all. At the same time I don't know how to check this possibility.

Can someone help me?


Thanks a lot in advance,

 Best regards.