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Analysis recalculation

Question asked by fokin on Oct 22, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by sraposo

I am writing a set of values for the past time (out-of-order) to an attribute using the .Net SDK. I have several Analysis to calculate based on these values, but not all Analysis is performed.
What is the problem?


In logs pianalysisprocessor-log:

TRACE|ANAutoRecalculationManager:Recalculation|Ignoring Time range: [31-Jul-20 19:00:00--22-Oct-20 09:00:00] for calculation '\\Plant1\AVT7\Analyses[AnalysisGazMonth] (ID:... Rank:2)' since it was beyond the calculation's last execution time: 01-Jan-70 00:00:00