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    Creating & manipulating activeX controls programatically


      I want to programatically create a table of data in Processbook, that can then be sorted by clicking on the header fields. I think that using an MSFlexGrid ActiveX control would be the easiest way but I cannot see how to programatically create one. Here is the sort of thing I want to do:


      Sub BuildGridSection(srv As Server, SectionModule As PIModule)
          Dim ctrl As PBControl
          Dim grid As MSFlexGrid
          Set ctrl = Application.ActiveDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolControl) '<-- this gives error 8004207E - Requested server not found

          ' how do I make the control into an MSFlexGrid control?
      End Sub


      As you can see, I fail to create a PBControl symbol and even if I had suceeded I do not know how to convert it into an MSFlexGrid. Should I do Set grid = New MSFlexGrid first and then add it to the display (and how do I do that?).


      Basically, how can I create and manipulate ActiveX controls programatically within Processbook VBA?


      --- Alistair.