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    PIlicmgr failure: "License Machine Mismatch (status = -12209); amount or another mismatch" on hyper-v PI dev image


      Hi vCampus Community,




      We haven't used the system for a few weeks, and when we went to start it up, we're suddenly receiving this error from the PI license manager in the event log.    The system was installed on a dedicated hyper-v image over the summer of 2011, so I would assume the license is still valid.  I was thinking that it might be a problem with the under-lying hyper-v virtual network - because the network adapter may have changed.  So, I regenerated the machine-dependent file and re-activated a license.  I placed it in the same location as the previous pilicense.dat, but I'm not sure if it will get picked up automatically, or I need to do something else. 


      If anyone knows what would cause this problem with the pilicmgr, any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!