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    Web Components Replacement - how do people put graphs on PI pages?


      We have used Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC11.DLL) to put charts onto PI pages - it is great for graphing etc.  However, in the last couple of weeks, I think we have had some Microsoft updates rolled-out that have broken things.  It is a bit hard to diagnose (so many people with different versions; works OK on some PCs and not others, and various people have different Build numbers for the OWC11.DLL), but essentially:  I think it is now broken for people Windows 7.


      Quite a bit of googling has shown that Microsoft has officially withdrawn support for OWC, although it can still be downloaded.  I have looked at trying to "fix" the existing issues, but I think that ultimately I need a new control for displaying data.


      What are other people using for this?


      Note:  I need a solution that DOES NOT involve third-party controls, unfortunately.  I need something that can be rolled-out to users who have locked-down PCs (i.e. don't have administrator rights).

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          @Andrew: I would start by saying there are several ways to show PI data on graphics but this will be largely influenced by what you are trying to accomplish.


          Could you tell more about your use case? Is it only showing a static report produced every day at midnight? Do the concerned people need to navigate the report and drill down to more details? Are the users all employees or you get external consultants?


          Roughly, I can think of some solutions like:

          • Microsoft SQL Server SSRS and the use of PI OLEDB Enterprise provider
          • Extranet/Intranet page (ASP.NET, HTML5/javascript, HTML4) fed by PI Web Services
          • PI Active View exposing PI ProcessBook displays filled with graphics
          • PI Coresight
          • Sharepoint / Excel Services and PI Web Parts

          Could you define more how your PI Pages are defined?

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              Thanks for the response.


              Currently, these are PI Displays with graphs on them: A mix of column and line graphs.  We have a number of different uses for them, but in general, they are for internal use only, and the frequency of use is highly variable, but generally we would want them to be able to be generated dynamically using the most recent data.  We do have one of these displays that we want to have "drill-down" capabilities, but it is fairly limited - we have a bar chart that has daily totals, and clicking on one of the bars updates a second chart showing hourly values.


              The reason we like the web components is that my team (non-core-IT) can create their own displays without too much problem - VBA is well known, and new reports / charts / displays can be generated fairly quickly and easily, without (for example) having the added layer of interface of having to go via our IT department to get access & authorisation for creating new pages on our intranet.  It also doesn't require that we know ASP or HTML programming, and the PI data is quite straight-forward to retrieve from within the PI application VBA environment - I haven't used PI Web Parts or Web Services, so I don't know how easy it is to retrieve data via that route.


              I guess the reliable method is to hand this off to our IT department, but the problem is that they are not resourced to cope with the migration of our existing charts and displays, and it will prevent users making their own displays (unless they revert to Excel, of course).