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    Datalink 5.1  Roadmap & Release Plan


      Dear all,

      i have seen that the release plan for datalink has changed, the new datalink version ist now postponed to Q2/2014


      Is there already a release plan, when a beta / alpha version is available.


      - (we already need some features of 5.0 and 5.1 - - 5.0 wasn't really usable because of the search) =>
      and hoping to get involved early so we can provide feedback (and test our usecases)
      so we don't have to wait another year before it is usable.


      At the moment the release cylce for  Datalink are very long !


      Br Wolfgang

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          We needed to push back the release because we picked up a dependency on AF SDK 2.6 which is scheduled for Q1 14. The beta for this release will be a long extended beta. We will be feature complete with PI DataLink 2013R2 well in advance of release and will provide that to the community as a long set of betas.