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    PI Coresight Live hands-on Demo


      Dear vCampus Members,


      With the help of vCampus facilities, i want to conduct a live hands on demonstration of PI Coresight, amongst some audience.


      Please guide me if this is possible; how it can be done.


      As per my understanding,


      1) if we go by VLE way it is not possible as; if I have coresight app on my iphone, I shall be unable to connect to the VLE PI and coresight server as the VLE servers are hosted in closed environemnt network


      2) if i go by downloading my 30 day PI license on my personal computer, and respectively install all the components, will i be able to run coresight server. In short does the 30 day vCampus license have access to coresight server also? If this is possible, do we have some templates and file ready so that we can just upload it and start browsing the coresight app.







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          Hello Dhruv,


          1) I am afraid, you will not be able to use the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for this purpose because of the reason you mention.


          2) The 30 days temporary license file we offer at vCampus Download Center allows access from PI Coresight. The intended purpose of this license file is allowing users to install a PI System for testing and evaluation.


          Your vCampus subscription includes a development system. Please see General vCampus FAQ for details. It's recommended to create a Machine Specific license file through vCampus Download Center -> Link to MLA. Please note that this license expires at subscription end. When you renew your subscription you will have to create a new license activation through MLA.


          When you install the Coresight client application for iPhone or iPad, it installs with demo access to one of our servers already configured.