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    Filter Expression in Datalink


      There seems to be no Datalink discussion board so I'll just post here.


      Is there a way to use a tag reference in the filter expression? For instance, instead of using the syntax 'sinusoid'>70, use tagreference > 0 where tagreference would either reference a cell or, logically, the name of the tag being pulled.



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          There is no forum specific to PI DataLink forum because the OSIsoft vCampus program and its various features, are geared toward PI programming and systems integration topics. End-user and PI System administration/configuration should be directed to our regular Technical Support.


          What you asked above is unfortunately not possible with the current version of PI DataLink - i.e. you cannot mix text and cell references in the same expression. That said, I would like to kindly invite you to post similar questions you have in the future, to our technical support team. You might also want to take a look at the PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink and PI WebParts course under the vCampus Training Center, if you need more information on PI DataLink.


          Also, you will note that there is a "ProcessBook/ActiveView and Microsoft Office Development" forum, where people asked questions about programming in the Microsoft Excel environment (VBA or .NET add-ins), including integration with PI DataLink.


          Looking forward to answering your programming/integration questions!