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    How to change PI TimeRange's Background-color




      I have a small issue about PI TimeRange Webparts.
      Would you please give me any advices?


      I use PI TimeRange & TimeSeries Webparts on SharePoint 2013. They work fine now.


      I have an additional request. I want to make PI TimeRange's background-color white.
      Please let me know how to change it.


      I could make PI TimeSeries's background-color white by editing css file(COREV15.css).
      But I couldn't change PI TimeRange's background-color by the same way..


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          Our developers have confirmed that an issue was found in PI WebParts 2013 that may interfere with the ability to do this. A PLI/Work item has been created to fix the problem. In summary, the problem is that in SharePoint 2013 the default CSS file (COREV15.CSS) includes the UserCaption class and assigns it a background-color of “f1f1f1”. As a result, the background-color of the child table is displayed regardless of whether the container DIV class (ms-WPBody) is assigned a background-color or transparency setting.


          As a workaround, edit the COREV15.CSS and remove the UserCaption class background-color attribute.


          I hope this helps!