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    PI Web API Beta - Need Query Parameters

      Does anyone know the valid query parameters for piwebapi beta? After searching I’ve found the following that work: (searchFullHierarchy, template, nameFilter) Specifically I would like to know how to query point values by a timerange. I don’t know if this is possible but I would like to update values through webapi. Thanks for any help
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          The query parameters for each method are listed on the corresponding help page (hosted alongside the PI Web API at /piwebapi/help).


          For querying point values by time range, take a look at the help pages for the streams resource. Depending on your desired behavior, /streams/{webId}/interpolated,  /streams/{webId}/plot, or  /streams/{webId}/recorded may be what you want. Each of these methods takes 'startTime' and 'endTime' query parameters.


          You can also use streams to update values, by POSTing to /streams/{webId}/value.

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            @Christopher: You can obtain the help on what your searching via the web service help URL, more specifically in your case here: http://<server address>/piwebapi/help/GET-streams-webId-recorded_startTime_endTime_boundaryType_desiredUnits_filterExpression_includeFilteredValues_maxCount


            You will found that you can use the following query parameters:

            • webID
            • startTime
            • endTime
            • boundaryType
            • desiredUnits
            • filterExpression
            • includeFilteredValues
            • maxCount

            Be careful these parameters are case-sensitive.