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    ProcessBook: Get  PIProperty value with an absolute path without PISDK calls


      Hi everybody!




      I´m trying to get the value of a PIProperty to simply display it in ProcessBook. I could do it with PI SDK calls, but then I have to add a new reference (PI SDK something...) which often is a source for errors for the customer.




      I know how to get the value of a PI property with a module context relative path (e.g. "Property.|propertyname"), but this is not possible in my case, because my PI property is one level higher in the hierarchy than the other modul contexts, so I want to specify either an absolute path or a path like "myCurrentContext + 1 level up".




      Does anyone know a smart way how to deal with this?

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          Hi Gerrit,


          I am not aware of any good ways we can go about doing something like what you want with Module Database (MDB) and PIProperty. In a module relative display (MRD), it is possible to get the property and alias of a child module when you select the parent module as the context (going 1 level down), but there isn't really a way to specify the reverse. And there isn't a way we can get the PIProperty by providing an absolute path.


          Just a question, will you consider using PI AF to store the asset information and migrating the information in MDB to PI AF? There have been lots of discussion about why you should migrate from MDB to PI AF, but on top of all those reasons I think what you want can be achieved if PI AF is used.


          Using AF2 dataset in ProcessBook, you can get the value of an attribute by providing the absolute path to it. Using ProcessBook VBA, we can programmatically update the path when the context is changed on a Element Relative Display (ERD), something similar to this previous post.